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Lenin Ortiz Ecological Reserve

The Lenin Ortiz Archeological Reserve is La C.A.S.A's flagship project. It is a twelve-hectare permaculture project located in Cochasqui, Ecuador.

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is the integration of land, resources, people and the environment. A system in which they all work in harmony in closed loops that feed into each other for their mutual success.

Image by Olivier Mary


Our objective is to create a 12-hectare sustainable project. We strive to create an ecologically friendly, socially responsible and economically viable ecosystem.

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Stage One - 4 Hectares 
Stage Two - 4 Hectares
Stage Three - 4 Hectares
Stage Four - Sustainable Economic Development

Tomatillo Plant


Our academic research is ongoing.
We have finished all promotional materials (videos, images, and texts) to begin our fundraising campaign for the first stages of the ecological reserve.

Image by christian buehner
Lenin Ortiz Ecological Reserve: Programs
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